In recent years, boys soccer at Auburn High School has been in the hunt for a good tournament finish which has eluded them. The number of students playing the game has consistently increased, and the skill level on the pitch is also gaining some ground.

Going into the quarter final round of the MIAA Central D3 Tournament and after a shoot out win over Tahanto two days earlier, Auburn had a decent record of 10-6-3. They were ranked 11th in the bracket, and Nipmuc was seeded 3rd. Although the Warriors totally dominated the Rockets in the 6-1 match, it should be considered that Nipmuc went on the win the District title, the Central/Western title and the State Championship. Hats off to them.

In today’s final slideshow, moments from the Tahanto and Nipmuc games are presented along with some photos from senior night. The two cross-country athletes who were also present are shown as well.

It will fun to watch the future of Auburn High Boys Soccer.