In their third game of the season, boys soccer played David Prouty away on September 18th, and they suffered a tough 1-0 loss. Last Friday, the Panthers came to Auburn and played on the new middle school turf.

This had to feel like a fast carpet compared to the beat up grass up on the hill behind Prouty, and it looked like the Rockets took a bit of a home advantage. Nick Gonyea scored for the home team in the first half as Sage Maryyanek scored for the visitors to make it a 1-1 game.

Throughout the game, Auburn passed well but suffered from some accuracy issues while shooting. Despite that, Gonyea scored again after a feed from Jadon Latino. Minutes later, Latino would score on his own after driving through a crowd of defenders.

The final 3-1 score was Auburn’s 6th win of the year. Unfortunately, they lost 7-0 against Tantasqua last night.