Plymouth, MA – In response to the recent incident in Auburn, MA and throughout the country, Colonial Municipal Group (CMG) has announced they will install carbon monoxide detectors, free of charge, for any Police Utility vehicle (K8A) that has been purchased through their company. They have extended this courtesy to all current customers of CMG’s Police Utility vehicles. Colonial Municipal Group is dedicated to the safety of the officers who serve throughout New England.

“Colonial Municipal Group is committed to providing the highest quality vehicles and equipment to the men and women that protect the public. The safety of these men and women is of paramount importance to Colonial Municipal Group.” said Clay Chase, President of Colonial Municipal Group

CMG has started conducting outreach to educate customers about their offering and are in the process of procuring the marine-grade carbon monoxide detectors. The equipment being installed is amongst the most sensitive on the market. Installation of the equipment will begin as early as next week.

“The rapid response by Colonial Municipal Group to protect officer safety should be commended. A private company spending tens of thousands of dollars without provocation is rare. We have always been proud to partner with Colonial Municipal Group because they share the same values and dedication to service as my officers and other public safety officials throughout the state,” said Auburn Chief of Police Andrew Sluckis.

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