In the Semi-Final Round of the MIAA D3 Central Baseball Tournament, Auburn beat Hudson, 3-2. While this may be old news to many since the Rockets have since claimed the Central Mass Championship, some things are worthy of note. Coach Eric Swedberg is blessed with a terrific pitching staff, and they will be returning next season.

In last week’s playoff game, Freshman Mike Breen was on the mound for 5 and 2/3 innings and allowed 2 runs before junior Matt Palmer came in to close it out. Coach Swedberg said of Breen, “It’s amazing to see a kid so poised at this age.” And, in case you missed it, Mike’s a freshman.

The Rocket defense has also been excellent this year. Despite the fact that Hudson out hit Auburn 7-5, and the Rockets had 3 errors to the Hawks’ 2, your home team accomplished the most important thing in a baseball game, they got to home plate more times.

Some images from the Hudson game are today’s slideshow, and many are key moments.


On to the Central/Western Game scheduled for today, 4:00PM, at Westfield State University. #2 Auburn (19-4) will face #2 Wahconah (17-6) and this is sure to be a spirited game. These teams faced off on April 18th, and the Rockets had an uneventful 9-2 victory.

I had been in the Berkshires one day earlier, and I read in The Berkshire Eagle that the Warriors won their own weekend tournament for the first time. Four games in three days had taken a toll on their pitching staff, but they still travelled to Auburn during the school vacation week.

I have lived in Auburn for nearly 25 years, but I grew up in Dalton and graduated from Wahconah decades ago. Both towns have a huge baseball presence and have sent young athletes into the majors. This should be a good game.

When I go to my high school reunion in August, I may have to be tolerant of an awkward conversation or two because of a Rocket victory, but that’s OK because Auburn is my hometown now.