On Thursday, June 15th, family and friends joined the grade 8 students of Auburn Middle School to celebrate their completion of middle school and their progression to Auburn High School where they will be known as the class of 2021. The ceremony was held in the AMS Gymnasium which offered more seating than the traditional high school location and more visibility of the graduates.

The AMS Band played music prior to the program start, and the AMS Drumline escorted the 8th graders in. Student Council President Rachel Rose Gervais served as the master of ceremonies that morning and first introduced Principal Joe Gagnon who welcomed the many guests.

Next came a class poem, It Couldn’t Be Done by Edgar Albert Guest, but with a twist. Eight students read sections of the poem in 8 different languages, a nod to the increasing diversity in the Auburn Public Schools. The presenters were: Lukas Balestracci, English; Emma McGrillen, French; Carlos Costa, Portuguese; Isabella Vagos, Greek; Truc Nguyen, Vietnamese; Aaron Zheng, Chinese; Amanda Loftus, Polish and Luis Perez, Spanish.

Isabella Therrien led the Pledge of Allegiance, and the band and select choir performed the National Anthem. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maryellen Brunnelle then addressed the audience, and AHS Valedictorian Leah Healey spoke to the students about their futures.

Awards presented were:

Faculty Citizenship Awards: Brian Bailey, Kali Day, Emily Dupuis, Rachel Gervais, Erin Hynes, Emma McGrillen, Eric Paine, Zoe Picard
Isabella Therrien and Aaron Zheng.

Academic Excellence Awards:
English Language Arts – Samantha Stokes and Ryan Kennedy
Mathematics – Eric Paine and Aaron Zheng
Science – Connor Halloran and Zachary Couture
Social Studies – Lukas Balestracci and Joshua Anderson
Unified Arts – Kali Day and Damari Mundell
Foreign Language – Ryan Kennedy
Fine Arts – Brian Bailey

S.O.A.R. Award: Rachel Gervais and Eric Paine

Perfect Attendance Grade 8: Ethan Bedard, Alexander Bisceglia, Shayleigh Carlson, Orlando Gayle, Mackenzie Greenidge, Priscilla Kot, Drew Lemansky and Purva Patel.

The ARC Essay Recitations & Awards were presented to Priscilla Kot and Connor Halloran, and each read a portion of their essay with the theme “The Person I Have Become.” Kot said, “At 14, I have as much knowledge about who I am as a deaf person has of sounds. But, I want to show you what I’ve learned in my 14 interesting years of life and how it has dramatically impacted me.”

Halloran spoke, “I am like a piece in one of those giant jigsaw puzzles…..I think I have become the person I am today because I realized that I am part of the big picture. I realize that I am not the only person in the world like I thought when I was younger.” Both essays were wonderfully sincere and great to hear.

And, the 2017 graduates of Auburn Middle School are (** High Honors, * Honors all three grade 8 terms.):

Emily Adamiak*, Marissa Adams, Amany Al Nassar, David Amell, Zachary Amero*, Joshua Anderson*, Madison Anger*, Brendan Anish**, Samantha Anusauskas**, Nathaniel Archabault**, Talha Awan, Tatiana Baez*, Brendon Bailey, Brian Bailey**, Lukas Balestracci*, Jacob Barszcz, Caleb Bartlett, Robert Beaudin, Kaelin Beauregard, Ethan Bedard, Aiden Benison, Alexander Bisceglia**, Taylor Blanton*, Tabitha Boisseau, Jacob Bolton, Lacey Boulay*, Abigail Brackett*, Kaitlyn Brindle*, Vincent Brytowski, Zion Burdick*, Rahni Bussiere**, Laura Byrne* and Maeve Cahill.

Amber Camp, Shayleigh Carlson*, Nicole Clemente*, Zarkeem Climes, Miranda Courteau**, Zachary Couture, Thomas Cowden, Alysha Creelman**, Tyler Cross, Matthew Crossman, Dylan Culani, Colin Cunningham*, Nolan Daoust, Sage Davis**, Kali Day**, Mia DelloStritto**, Ashley Deneault*, Savannah Devine, Gianna DiPadua, Jeffrey DiPadua*, Maura Donahue*, Elton Dowd, Sara Dowd**, Caleb Drinkwater, Reece Dupont, Emily Dupuis**, Jacques Durocher, Rani Erickson, Chiara Faiola**, John Farnham and Emily Fitzsimmons.

Hannah Foley, Gabriella Fortin, Grace Foulkrod**, Adam Fuller*, Gianna Garcia, Emma Gaudreau*, Orlando Gayle, Rachel Gervais*, Thomas Gill, Savana Giurleo**, Trey Glodis*, Mackenzie Greenidge*, Grace Griffin, Connor Halloran**, Corrie Hammond*, Emily Healy, Emily Henry, Kyleigh Hillis*, James Hines, Rachael Hisman, Molly Hoefler, Dylan Holton, Griffin Hurley*, Erin Hynes*, Chizoba Igwenagu, Kaitlyn Jess**, Audrey Johnson*, Rebecca Johnson, Kieran Keaney*, Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Kennedy*, Jamie Kirkorian, Andrew Konicki* and Priscilla Kot*.

Sarah Kramer Lee**, Joshua Lacewell, Erin Lambert, Kristen Lambert, Brooke Laplante*, Zachary LaPointe*, Samantha Latino, Tracy Le**, Lucas Leatham, Alexander LeBlanc, Brendan Lee*, Colin LeFrancois, Drew Lemansky*, Devin LePoer, Nathan Lewos, Amanda Loftus**, Marcus Longo*, Sean Lovely, Ethan Madison Hella, Emma Martin**, Quinne Masiello*, Michael Mathieu, Skylar Matson, Julia Matthew*, Mia McElroy, Elexa McFadden*, Matthew McGill*, Emma McGrillen**, Alison McKiernan**, Thomas McKiernan*, Rebecca McPherson and Alex Miller.

Nichole Miranda, Maria Misenti, Joshua Montezuma, Joshua Morales, Alexia Morawski, Sarah Luize Moreira*, Heath Mulcahy-Roche, Emily Mulone*, Damari Mundell, Logan Murphy, Isabella Nash, Raechel Nash, Amelia Nelson*, Dylan Nguyen, Dzu Nguyen, Truc Nguyen**, Connor Nordman*, Claudia Oliver**, Andrew Orawsky, Ryan Ordway*, Victor Pacheco*, Eric Paine**, Cullen Parent, Meet Patel, Purva Patel**, Julia Paz, Nicole Paz, Luis Perez*, Ethan Petrie, Anthony Picard, Zoe Picard*, Jordyn Poirier, Georgia Pokropowicz*, Hailey Pontbriand, Ryan Quinn, Sam Rice, Grace Rielly, Jacob Rodgers, Lydia Rossik and Kyle Roycewicz,

Michael Scanlon, Emma Scheible**, Sarah Schnee*, Steven Schoenfeldt, Jake Schofield, Liam Silva, Kasey Simmons**, Maya Simonelli, Grace Sitkowski*, Brendan Slomski, Jaimey Sousa, Jillian Stelmach, Samantha Stokes**, Brendan Sullivan**, Madison Sullivan*, John Taki, Sabrina Tang**, Konstantinos Tasopoulos, Isabella Therrien**, Tyler Tryba, Joseph Tu, Emily Turcotte, Rachel Ullstrom**, Wilson Van*, Isabella Vangos**, Katelynn Wales*, Maura Wallace, Franklin Warren, Emma Wentworth**, Adriana White, Alyssa Wright**, Nathan Wright*, Jill Zaparaskas**, Aaron Zheng** and David Zona**.

Finally, a note from the faculty ended the written program, “We wish to thank the parents of the Class of 2021 for the privilege of knowing your son or daughter as our student.” Nicely said!