The turnout for the annual town election was nearly an all-time low with only 1097 (or 9.25% of registered voters) casting ballots. All but 2 elected positions were filled, and those openings will be elected at special precinct meetings on June 5th. Precinct 2 town meeting members will meet in the selectmen’s room at 6:00PM to choose a member for a 1-year unexpired term. Write-in candidates Timothy Lebel and James Stolberg each received 4 votes, so one will likely fill the position.

Precinct 4 town meeting members will meet at 6:30PM to fill a 2-year unexpired term, and they also will need to find a replacement for Ellen Ganley who had to resign her seat since she was elected as a Library Trustee and can’t hold both positions according to the town charter. Those elected earlier this month are:

Precinct 1 (3-year term): Erik Berg, Norman Bergeron, Amy-Margaret Castellano, William Westerlind Sr, Ann Weston, Julie-Anne Stevens, Michael Garland, and Carl Westerman.

Precinct 1 (1-year term): Donald Letson, Jr.

Precinct 2 (3-year term): Daniel Boyle, William Bylund, Kerstin Sampson, Raffaele Capaldi Jr, Joseph Frascolla, Alan Cooper, Douglas Nelson, and Henry Tessman, III.

Precinct 2 (1-year term): Precinct Election

Precinct 3 (3-year term): Ken Fairbanks, Timothy Cummins, Sarah Strozina, Carol Johnson, Eric Otterson, Lee Ann Gibree, Patricia Maher, and Gwen White.

Precinct 3 (1-year term): Joseph Lyons, III.

Precinct 4 (3-year term): Shannon McGrath, Daniel Largesse, Glenn Feldman, Shirley Kemp, Thomas Pomfret, Malory O’Brien, Jonathan O’Brien, and Deborah Kozik.

Precinct 4 (1-year term): Stephen Lindberg

Precinct 4 (2-year term): Precinct Election

Precinct 5 (3-year term): Elizabeth Gribbons, John Stencel, Ellen Ethier, William Gribbons, Deborah Valentine, Thomas Healy, Timothy Hicks and Diane Hicks.

Thank you for serving your community.