Auburn’s Annual Town Meeting will be held this evening at 7pm at the Auburn High School Auditorium. The primary order of business will be for Town Meeting to discuss and approve a budget for fiscal 2018 which begins on July 1.

The Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen have submitted $63,953,066.84 budget for the coming year, representing a 3.3% spending increase over fiscal 2017. The bulk of the revenue offset will come from an increase in Cherry Sheet receipts, which increase by $1.15 million, and from local tax levy, which is budgeted to increase by about $885,000.

A second key item on this year’s warrant is a question to amend local zoning bylaws which would place a temporary moratorium on the sales and distribution of recreational marijuana in Auburn. In addition, there is a ballot question posed to Auburn voters at the May 16 General Town Election that will ask residents whether or not to permanently prohibit operation of all types of marijuana establishments in town.

Town Meeting requires a quorum of 80 elected members in order to convene for business. If you are a Town Meeting Member, please make every effort to arrive to the meeting at 7pm.