With the town election on Tuesday, May 16th, the residents of Precinct 4 need to generate some write-in candidates for elected town meeting members. Each year, 8 seats are up for grabs in each precinct, but this year, only 5 candidates have filed nomination papers in Precinct 4. There are also 2 unexpired term seats available, one for 1 year and one for 2.

Ellen Ganley, a Precinct 4 member, is the sole candidate running for a one-year unexpired term as a Library Trustee, and she cannot be a town meeting member as well. Consequently, she must give up her seat when elected. That is the reason behind one of the unexpired term seats.

Only 3 incumbents have agreed to run for another term, Glenn Feldman, Shirley Kemp and Daniel Largesse. Two new candidates also filed papers, Shannon McGrath and Thomas Pomfret.

If a person is interested, they can easily become a write-in candidate during the election. Town Clerk Deb Gremo suggests asking a few friends to also write in the name so she doesn’t have a bunch of elected seats with only a single vote. That would require a special meeting of Precinct 4 town meeting members to decide on the final new members, and getting a quorum for this is even harder than town meeting itself.

Being a town meeting member involves about 10 hours of one’s time in a typical year. Gremo also reminds voters that this year’s ballot is 2-sided since the question about marijuana businesses in town is on the reverse.

Please come out to vote.