During the Selectmen’s meeting this week, the Dog Park Committee gave a presentation of their work over the past few months and their recommendation for a location, the lower portion of Lemansky Park. Although both an Option A and B were presented, Option A was their preferred choice, and it is also backed by the Auburn Fur-friends for a Dog Park.

The Dog Park Committee that was appointed at the end of last year chose Lemansky Park from over 25 town-owned parcels, and the seven members represented all five precincts in Auburn. Existing parking and access made this site very attractive along with the natural buffer of a tree line between the park and all adjacent residences.

Option A is approximately 30,000 square feet while Option B is roughly 20,000. Option A will also require the relocation of the skateboard park northeast of the track, and the Auburn DPW is expected to do much of that work.

The town will be applying for a grant from the Stanton Foundation to finance most of this project. They will pay 100% of the design costs and 90% of the construction expenses. The Fur-friends have committed to raising the remaining 10% of construction costs and also plan to help maintain the facility.

A few neighbors spoke during the meeting, and none appeared happy with this site. One even suggested that a nice weekend day might bring hundreds of dogs there at once. Members of the Committee, using their experience at other area dog parks, quickly disputed this charge and said it was typical to only see a handful of animals at any given time. Residents will have the opportunity to express their opinions during the June 12th Selectmen’s meeting which is scheduled to begin at 7:00PM at town hall.

Yesterday, Doreen Goodrich, newly elected Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, told Auburn Mass Daily, “The Dog Park Committee has done extensive work and research to provide us with accurate information. They visited all the potential sites and made an objective evaluation.”

Hopefully, and especially for the owners of Auburn’s 2,300 registered dogs, this dog park becomes a reality in the not to distant future.