During Monday night’s lengthy Board of Selectmen’s meeting, a few moments were spent recognizing Denise Brotherton during her last meeting. A candidate elected next Tuesday will replace her at the May 22nd meeting, and she was warmly appreciated. The recording from May 8, 2017 can be accessed through The Auburn Guide. Go to 1:55:20.

Chairman Ken Holstrom described Denise, “She has a passion for the Town of Auburn. She has a passion for people.” Vice-Chair Doreen Goodrich added, “I’ve seen you grow. I wish you were staying.” Brotherton is not the type of person about whom people speak negatively.

At the conclusion of Selectman Denise Brotherton’s recognition on Monday, she received a standing ovation from board members, town employees and the audience. Photo by John Anderson

Town Manager Julie Jacobson told her, “Everything you’ve done for the town has been tremendous.” while Fire Rescue Chief Steve Coleman commented, “I have watched you over the last six years handle this position with a tremendous amount of grace.”

In her statement, Brotherton first recognized the citizens of Auburn, “This town means a tremendous amount to me, and the residents mean a tremendous amount to me.” “I’ve been honored to serve you in any capacity I could over the past six years.”

She also asked of the residents, “Please don’t be the background noise in something. Be the voice. Come forward.”

Brotherton expressed her gratitude to the current board members but also recognized the mentoring provided by past members Tim Hicks, Bob Grossman and Steve Simonian. She sincerely thanked the Town’s employees and administration, and reminded all that her services to the town were not over.

There were many more kind words during this part of the meeting that can only be appreciated by viewing the tape. It will be 16 minutes of enjoyment that you should not miss.

Denise Brotherton is a terrific individual who has given a lot to this community. Thank you for your service. You make us all Auburn Strong.