BOSTON – Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) recently signed onto a letter to the Chairs of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means requesting that minimum per-pupil increases within the Fiscal Year 2018 state budget hold steady at $55 for the second straight year. A total of 63 other legislators joined Senator Moore in adding their names to the submitted letter.

The budget recommendation released by Governor Baker earlier this year puts forward a $20 minimum per pupil increase which is less than half of the minimum increase secured by the Legislature in the previous budget. The finalized Fiscal Year 2017 state budget provided $4.63 billion for education funding which marked a $116 million increase over Fiscal Year 2016

“I recognize that school districts face rising expenses every year just to maintain existing services,” said Senator Moore. “Most of these cost drivers, including energy and health care rates, contractual obligations and testing mandates, are beyond the control of local districts. While I was proud to support historic increases in public education funding in the current fiscal year, I recognize that additional efforts are needed to increase resources available to school districts to help our students succeed.”

The next step in the state budget process is the release of the House Ways and Means Committee’s version of the budget which is expected this week. The Senate Committee on Ways and Means’ recommendation is anticipated in mid-May with the finalized budget expected to be signed into law prior to the new fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2017.

Senator Moore has also co-sponsored legislation that would phase-in recommendations of Foundation Budget Review Commission and would update the existing education funding formula. The bill seeks to more accurately provide for school districts’ costs, and to enhance resources available to public schools in the state. To learn more about Senator Moore’s legislative efforts relative to education, please visit