Lacrosse is a relatively new recreational town sport in Auburn and a first year varsity sport at Auburn High School. The first few years of a new varsity sport are typically quite challenging, but players, fans and coaches are likely hoping for a quick end to that challenge and a much more productive season 2.

29 young men are participating in lacrosse, and the team is heavy on sophomores and juniors. Consequently, experience is being gained that will help with the team’s success in the future. Several parents have commented how much the boys love this sport, and that can’t help but build it up over the next few years.

The Rockets are 6 games into the season with a record of 1-5. There are ten games left, and hopefully they can add a few more wins. Today’s slideshow is from Monday’s 18-5 loss to the Worcester combined team. There is no lack of spirit with the Auburn team.