On Saturday night, 20 teams gathered in the Auburn High gymnasium for a volleyball tournament presented by the Leadership Team at the high school. The tournament was designed as a fundraiser to support their philanthropic efforts. 40 students participate in the Leadership Team, and most are captains in one or more of the school’s 24 varsity sport teams.

Four courts were in place for preliminary rounds, and two were used for semi-finals. The final game came down to Auburn Football vs. Kielbasa, and the sausage squad prevailed under tight oversight by Athletic Director Brian Davis.

The members of Team Kielbasa were Jack Benedict, Dillon Benison, Cameron Cadarette, Anthony Miranda, Antonio Noonan and Matt Russell. Each received a $10 gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts for their efforts.

This was a fun evening for all involved and very successful for its first year. Expect another tournament in 2018.