About the only surprises at Tuesday night’s Special Town Meeting were how quickly it began and how quickly it adjourned. A quorum of 80 elected Town Meeting Members was met right at the planned 7pm start time, and the meeting commenced shortly after.

Article I simply approved the Finance Committee to present their report. Article II pertained to replacing the roof on Pakachoag School.

John Anderson photo

When warrants were posted and mailed to Town Meeting members, the exact cost for replacement was not known.  Bids were received and opened last week, and the winning bid came in at $958,482. Under the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s Accelerated Repair Program, Auburn would be eligible for a 54.16% reimbursement grant. Auburn School Superintendent, Dr. Maryellen Brunelle, confirmed Auburn had been approved for this funding back in February.

The town portion of the cost – approximately $439,000 – will be sourced from other previously approved appropriations under the Capital Improvement Plan that were not used for their original purpose. These transfers of funds were approved by Town Meeting last October.

“There will be no need for additional borrowing” stated Dr. Brunelle at Tuesday’s meeting.

After a couple of clarification questions from Town Meeting members, the Article passed Town Meeting unanimously. The work on the roof is expected to begin early this summer and to be completed before school starts for the 2017-18 school year.

Article III went even faster, as the request was to simply move funds between line items. His was needed in order to install CO and smoke detectors at the Highway Department building, and to replace some Fire Rescue Department turnout gear.

This article generated no discussion, and passed unanimously.

The regular Annual Town Meeting is set for May 2 at 7pm in the Auburn High School Auditorium.