As the second big storm in 3 days bore down on the area, Cub Scouts from Pack 53 were welcoming the snow. The scouts were hosting their annual Snowbox Derby, which works best when there is snow, something lacking in some previous years.

The Cub Scouts and their parents fashion colorful and creative sleds out of cardboard boxes, and zoom down the hill at Rocketland. Intrepid parents provide the initial thrust, with some actually leaving their feet as they propelled their child’s sled hurtling down the snowy hillside.

Volunteers waited at the bottom of the hill to mark the distances each sled travelled – those that made it down the hill, anyway. The scouts raced in several heats of 3-4 sleds. The winner of each heat advanced to the finals.

The winners for 2017 were:

1st place:  Connor Antobenedetto
2nd place: Nathanial Bixby
3rd place:  Jacob Rovezzi

The winner for the most creative sled was Nathan Castellano.