When Central Mass’s leading scorer in girls hockey is on your home rink, things can get ugly. And fast. Shrewsbury’s Delaney Couture has 31 goals and 12 assists as of today for a total of 43. The next public school high scorer has 22, and Auburn’s best, Carrianne Fortier, has 16. Couture only earned one goal and one assist during the Colonial’s 7-1 victory over the Rockets on Wednesday night, but she was on the bench a lot of the time. When these teams faced off in early January, Shrewsbury won 13-2, and Delaney registered 3 goals and 2 assists.

Auburn coach Peter Laprad told Auburn Mass Daily early in the season that his team was very young, and that certainly shows during a contest with a well-developed team like Shrewsbury. Auburn’s only goal came in the third period when Nicole Bousquet scored on a breakaway, and the Colonials’ keeper only had 12 saves, so shots were not happening from the Rocket offense.

As bad as this loss may appear, things could have gone far worse if it wasn’t for Auburn goalie Colleen Fellows who was officially credited with 47 saves during the game. That translates to more than one save per game minute, and that is incredible. Her concentration rarely broke during the Colonial assault, and the Rocket defense just couldn’t clear the puck from their end.

Today’s slideshow has a number of images of Fellows since she was the major defender of the Auburn net. Not all are saves, but all show effort and heart. Great job Colleen!