Last Tuesday, the junior varsity basketball teams from Blackstone Valley Tech came to Auburn High for a couple of games. The lady Rockets fell behind early against the aggressive Beavers and the half ended 13-2. In the second, Auburn rallied and outshot BVT 7-3, and the third ended 16-9. In the end, Blackstone maintained a strength that Auburn couldn’t match. The final score was 28-16, and the Rockets are 6-4 on the season.

When the boys started playing, it initially looked like they would get beat up as well. At the end of the first quarter, Auburn was behind 10-6 but already had 6 fouls. The Rockets regrouped in the second, and they tied the score, 19-19, with less than a minute in the half and both teams in the bonus.

In the third, however, BVT was playing catch up as Auburn went on a 13 point unanswered run and ended the quarter 39-25. The hard press was really wearing out the Beavers. The Rockets led by as much as 25 points in the fourth, and the game ended with an Auburn win, 57-36.

Coleman Picard led the Rockets with 13 points while Josh Adams had 10 and Nick Gonyea scored 8. The team is 5-2 for the year, and Coach Jeff Kozik told Auburn Mass Daily, “There’s a lot of talent on this team.”