Freshman Ryan Murphy takes one of his single-handed free throws. ©2017 John R. Anderson

If you’re on a high school boys basketball team, you do not want your season opener to be against Bartlett, but that’s exactly what happened to Auburn’s freshman team on December 14th, and the Rockets got crushed. Bartlett presses the entire game, and no ball is safe from becoming part of a turnover.

A month later and with some solid practices and game time behind them, the Rockets are playing much better. While they still lost, it was only by a single point, 43-42, and they even had an 8-point lead in the third. Auburn was up 7-6 after one quarter and trailed 19-18 at the half. In the third and driven by their 3-point shooting, Auburn had a 32-24 lead.

The fourth quarter was very intense for both offense and defense, but the Indian’s press gave them the victory. Although they did put Auburn in the bonus halfway through, the steals and blocks were incredible. A few more free throws made could have given the Rockets another win.

Coach David Cutler was very pleased with the Rockets, “The kids learned from their earlier loss. They understand defense first, offense second.” Cam Bolduc lead Auburn with 21 points including five 3’s.