The Auburn High School chapter of the National Honor Society once again sent care packages to members of the military. According to Advisor Spencer Kennard, “We were able to send 14 care packages this year—some went domestically, some internationally, but all went to service members who are currently serving and who have connections to the Auburn community. Some are alumni or friends/relatives of teachers and students. We were supported in this effort by the Major David Brodeur Memorial Foundation which assisted with the cost of shipping.”

Multiples of each item from the list below were brought in by members of the National Honor Society (about 50 students) and by teachers and staff members: Single Nutella packets, Deodorant, Jelly beans, Rice Krispie treats, Altoids or mints, Beef jerky, Snack mixes, Sunflower seeds, Chewing gum, Nuts, Little Debbie’s snacks, Ziploc bags (for keeping things airtight, watertight, and fresher), Coffee & Coffee Pods, Gatorade, Playing cards, Hard Candy, Individually wrapped popcorn, Toothbrushes & toothpaste, Inflatable pillow, Cookies or muffins in individual packages, Spices, Smoked oysters and sardines, Pringles, Ramen noodles, Granola bars, Newspapers, Batteries, Board games, Boot socks, Hand warmers, Razors, Pens and notepads, Foot powder and Vitamins.

For these dedicated members of our armed services, it’s nice to have some friends at home who care. Merry Christmas and be safe!