Victorious home openers are always a good thing, and neither AHS girls basketball team disappointed last week. The JV team bested David Prouty at the half, 15-10, and they extended their lead to 30-16 at the end. Freshmen Mick Sampson, 12 points, and Olivia Mathews, 8 points, led the Rockets, but there were contributions by all the players.

The varsity squad won 61-32, but it wasn’t always pretty. Auburn was up 11-3 after the first quarter, but they also led in fouls, 6-5. And, this was just the beginning. With 5 minutes left in the half, both teams were in the bonus, and the Panthers were in the double bonus shortly thereafter. Auburn had a substantial 29-9 lead at the break which makes some of these fouls totally unnecessary.

The Rockets led after three, 43-17, and they also led 5-4 in fouls. By the end of the game, both teams were in the double bonus, and this had a significant impact on the Panther’s scoring. They made 17 out of 29 free throws, so over half of Prouty’s points were earned at the foul line. This can’t be a pattern for the Rockets.

The Auburn team is young with only 4 seniors and 3 juniors, and there is not a lot of varsity experience. Coach Nicole LePrevost knows this and admits that losing 8 seniors was tough. On a more positive note, sophomore Shannon Sampson led her team with 16 points while senior captain Colleen Cutting scored 14. This team is going to be fun to watch this season. Good Luck!