(Zazen)  It is the dharma gate of great ease and joy.  It is undefiled practice-enlightenment.

                        Zen Master Dogen, in the year 1243


Zazen translates as seated meditation.  A dharma gate is an entranceway without a barrier.  Practice-enlightenment is not two things.  Enlightenment is practice, it is Zazen.

We have chosen this time of year to celebrate the Buddha’s awakening of 2,600 years ago, Rohastu.  As Dogen echoes, the Buddha simply sat Zazen, all night under a tree.  Upon seeing the morning star the Buddha said, “How wonderful!  How wonderful!  I, and all beings, have awakened together.”

It’s a fair question to ask, “What did the Buddha awaken to?”  I suggest giving it a try.  Try Zazen.  Sit still and silent, pay attention and breath.  If you find confusion, doubt, or you simply don’t understand, take comfort.  You are at the gate of great ease and joy.  With all beings Buddha awakened.  All beings, even you.

Thank you,