By John Anderson

On Tuesday morning at Swanson Road Intermediate School, students came into the auditorium in small groups and listened to a short presentation on voting by Assistant Principal Michael Lavelle. They then checked in to vote with Principal Susan Lopez and School Committee Member Dorothy Kauffman before heading to the voting booths borrowed from the Town of Auburn.

After casting their ballots, each received an “I Voted” sticker and returned to the classroom. In the end, Clinton won with 237 and Trump came in second with 181. Johnson had 49, Stein got 12, and there were 12 write-ins with some interesting candidates such as “Dad” and “David Ortiz.”

When asked about different tendencies between grades, Lavelle said “Our election results indicate that it was a pretty tight race all the way around. In the third grade Hillary had the largest victory margin, with Clinton receiving 105 votes and Trump only 58. In the Fourth Grade, Clinton squeaked out the win by only 4 votes, 69 to 65, and in the Fifth Grade, Hillary won by a 10 point margin 63 to 53.”

All on hand for this event saw value for these young citizens, and it will be interesting to see how this aligns with the national results next Tuesday. Maybe SWIS will be another reliable predictor in the national media.

Tuesday was also the start of Literacy Month and this year’s theme is The Reading League whose catchphrase is “Reading is our Superhero. What’s Yours?” During the grade 4 election, Wonder Woman (Literary Instructional Assistant Rhonda Murray) and Captain America (Literary IA Sandra Roy) were giving out the I Voted stickers. Wonder Woman said her personal motto is “I wonder as I read.” Reading Specialists Diane Saad and Stacy Bergeron are the other members of the Literacy Team.

SWIS is a beehive of activity, and another valuable fundraiser was taking place in the administration’s hallway. Boxes of candy, donated by students, were being packaged up to send to U.S. Military personnel. This school looks like a great place to be a student.


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