The Board of Selectmen voted on November 14th to create a Dog Park Committee consisting of seven (7) residents, to include, if possible, one from each from each precinct, a member from the Open Space and Recreation Committee and a member from the Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Committee if any members of those committees apply. A member of the Board of Selectmen will also serve as a non-voting liaison to the Committee.

The Dog Park Committee will evaluate potential sites for a dog park, conduct a cost analysis and make a recommendation for a site to the Selectmen.

The Board of Selectmen will be the appointing authority for the Dog Park Committee. Applicants must be registered to vote in Auburn. Interested residents can apply on-line using the electronic Board and Commission Application (check off Dog Park Committee in the list of boards and committees) located on the Town of Auburn’s home page at by clicking on the link “Dog Park Committee Application”.

You may also print the application, sign and return the completed form to:

Board of Selectmen
102 Central Street
Auburn, MA 01501
Fax: (508) 832-6145

Applications are due to the Board of Selectmen’s office by Friday, December 2nd.