By John Anderson

On Sunday, over 400 people signed up to compete in the Klepto 5K presented by the Major David Brodeur Memorial Foundation. Starting and finishing at North American Martyrs Church, this event has become the leading fundraiser for the foundation that has given over $8,000 to Auburn residents and organizations this year alone. Scholarships and grants benefit many and honor the memory of Air Force Major Brodeur who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.

348 runners finished the race along with 16 wheelchair racers. Michael Sherman, 17, of Sutton lead the pack with a time of 17:49 while Auburn’s Adam Rundell, 41, an elite Team Hoyt runner, pushed a wheelchair and recorded a time of 20:55. Only 14 runners were faster. Madelyn Wilson, 7, was the only self-propelled wheelchair racer and had a time of 30:07. All the results are available on the Athletes section of

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After the race, Madelyn’s father Carl spoke to Auburn Mass Daily about her accomplishments. She has Spina Bifida and got her racing bike at the age of 5. Now in her third season of racing, Maddie does about 15 races a year and improves as she grows and can better propel and steer her bike. Wearing bib 375, her smile and spirit are infectious in today’s slide show. She was accompanied by her father on a bicycle and AHS senior Sarah Cavanaugh on foot. Sarah was able to keep pace except on the downhill sections when Maddie takes advantage of gravity. She has become quite the competitor at a young age.

The Klepto 5K has generated tremendous community support from individuals, businesses and AHS students, and the benefits are tremendous for the Auburn community.