Technology has made it so much easier for individuals to work from home, often as independent contractors, but as Liberty Tax Service has found, many are unfamiliar with the tax implications. Liberty Tax Service will host a 10-week, tuition-free* Tax School that gives students the knowledge they need to properly prepare their taxes and do taxes for others. The hands-on course will explore deductions, credits, tax filing status, and more. Registration is open, and the course begins 9/21/16.

“Knowledge is power, and that’s what makes our tax course exceptional,” said Thomas Dufour, General Manager at Liberty Tax Service. “We don’t charge tuition, but we give taxpayers a wealth of information as we discuss the fundamentals of tax preparation and work on paper and online to prepare taxes.”

Tax School covers filing information and status, dependents and exemptions, interest and other forms of income, tax credits, capital gains, and much more. It will give independent contractors a better understanding of the Form 1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income they receive and whether they subject to self-employment tax. The answers can be tricky, unless you understand the tax code.

Liberty Tax Service has been providing quality tax preparation in local offices since 1997. Tax School has been a part of our community outreach since our founding, and thousands of our students have learned more about tax preparation and become tax preparers, thanks to our course.

Tax School is a great tool for stay-at-home parents, retirees, college students and anyone who wants to learn more about taxes and possibly earn extra income. Students who complete the course are considered for employment at Liberty Tax Service offices.

The 10-week tuition-free Tax School meets two days a week, daytime or evening to fit anyone’s schedule. Students pay a minimal fee for books. In return, they will get skills that are valuable and marketable.

To sign up for Liberty Tax School, call 800-658-1042 or visit

* Small fee for books and supplies.