Auburn, MA – Sheppard Envelope Manufacturing Company has been selected from envelope manufacturers across the country to participate in a virtual presentation presented by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

The Museum has embarked on a venture to tell the story of America’s Mailing Industry. This research project investigates the 200-year-old partnership between private industry and the United States Postal Service. Sheppard’s 95 year history will be chronicled on the brand-new Smithsonian Postal Museum website and viewed by millions of Smithsonian website visitors.

A formal opening will take place at the museum in Washington, D.C. and the virtual exhibition will launch on September 13, 2016. A permanent physical exhibition is in the planning stages.

How can an American manufacturing company survive for 95 years? According to CEO J. Lincoln Spaulding, “We have been fortunate to be in an industry whose products continue to appeal to a broad range of clients. We have positioned our company in markets where we have seen sustainable growth and with customers who share our value system (the Golden Rule). Be flexible, reasonable, and not over-extended. Love your employees and your customers, and do your best to make it show.”

Chances are, you’ve held a Sheppard envelope or package without even knowing it: After nearly 100 years in business Sheppard Envelope produces envelopes of almost any size from 1” x 1” up to 14.5” x 17.5” for small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies including Mobil Oil, Pitney Bowes, and Eli Lily.

Since 1921, they’ve used technology and creativity to stay afloat – even during tumultuous economic downturns. Their product line has recently expanded to include RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking passports and smart-card sleeves. For more information: