The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) today announced the appointment of Leonard Fournier as Tollpayer Advocate.

The tollpayer advocate serves without compensation and advocates on behalf of tollpayers to ensure that their interests are fully understood and considered by the MassDOT Board of Directors in its deliberations and decisions. The position is included as part of the 2009 Transportation Reform Act creating the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Leonard Fournier lives in Ashland and is a tollpayer, using his EZPass transponder traveling between Millbury/Auburn and Boston 10-15 times per month.

Fournier owns and operates Capron Company, a commercial real estate investment firm in Uxbridge. He previously worked for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority overseeing real estate for Turnpike Service Plazas. He also owned and operated the Stone’s Public House restaurant in Ashland.

Fournier credits his background in customer service and knowledge of the Massachusetts toll system with his interest in the tollpayer advocate position.

The tollpayer advocate will assist the MassDOT Board in advocating on behalf of tollpayers as MassDOT transitions to All Electronic Tolling (AET) for I-90, the Boston tunnels and the Tobin Memorial Bridge.  The AET system is currently in place on the Tobin Bridge and is scheduled to “go live” at other locations in October, pending testing of the system software.