By John Anderson

With the school clothes donned and the summer reading complete, Auburn Public School students are heading to their classrooms as you read this. The earliest risers are the high school students who begin their day at 7:25am. The middles schoolers follow at 7:45am while those attending Swanson Road Intermediate have until 8:30am to be at their desks. The youngest in the system, K-2, start at 8:40am.

Teachers and staff arrived two days ago to prep their classrooms and do some professional development. Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle told Auburn Mass Daily she was impressed by the enthusiasm of the educators and the condition of the school buildings. She is very pleased with the efforts of the custodial staff and those who have worked most of the summer in preparation for the 2016/2017 school year.


In one professional development session, educators were asked to describe the qualities of their favorite teacher, past or present with the realization that the school system has an impact on children every day. Brunelle said, “Every one of our students deserves the best every day.”

She also said, “We have an ethical obligation to educate special education students in their own community whenever possible.” Unified sports and the Rockets to Rockets program have gone a long way to make this possible.

Auburn Mass Daily hopes all the students, faculty, staff and parents have a phenomenal year!