By Gordon Holstrom – Special to AMD

On June 11th, Lt. Kenneth Holstrom (ret.) from Auburn Fire Dept. and Firefighter Gordon Holstrom from Sturbridge Fire Dept. attended the Pre-1981 LODD Walk of Honor Section Dedication, as presented by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD.

This program, called “Project Roll Call,” represents those firefighters who gave the ultimate sacrifice prior to 1981. The town of Auburn had two LODD’s; Captain Patrick Foley, who died in 1940 and Deputy Chief Arthur “Doc” Pierce, who died in 1961. Lt. Holstrom had been in continuous contact with the foundation to assure that these two members were remembered for their service to the town of Auburn.

Both Ken and Gordon Holstrom along with their father, Floyd Holstrom, served the town of Auburn. The tradition and dedication that they had for the fire department was a strong bond to pass on the tradition and pay homage to those that had passed before them.

As part of that dedication to honor Patrick and Arthur, a “Walk of Honor” brick was purchased for each of them and placed amongst others that had died in the line of duty.

Photos courtesy of Gordon Holstrom and Tim Hufnell of the Bristol, PA Fire Dept.

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