Accepting all electronics including but not limited to: computer towers, laptops, scanners, VCRs, copiers, DVD players, stereo equipment, lighting, vacuum, answering machine, fax, speakers, CD players, circuit boards, radios, modems, video equipment, game console, tape players, typewriters, etc., $5 each.
Microwaves, exercise. equipment, lawn mowers, dehumidifiers, snow blowers, small engine items, monitors, etc., $10 ea. TV’s: up to 24″ $15 each; 25″to 31″ $20 each; 32” to 35” $25 each’ 36” and larger, wood console and projection TVs $30 each.
AC units, $15. Small dorm refrigerators, $10. Washers, dryers, stoves, $20 each. Large refrigerators, $25. Cables, keyboards, car batteries, tools, no fee.

Also included: Bicycle Recycle Day, no fee. Bring your unwanted, old, or new bicycle and drop it off.

Faith Church
22 Faith Ave., Auburn
Saturday July 30