By John Anderson

Before the official graduation ceremony began on June 15th, the friends and relatives of Auburn’s eighth-graders who packed the high school auditorium were entertained by an audiovisual show. Sherri Watson’s Photo Montage recapped the three years these students have spent at Auburn Middle School including the first year in the new building.

Then, as the Auburn Middle School Drumline banged out the rhythm, 207 students marched onto the stage. With Efithia Fotos and Elyse Whittemore serving as hosts, the AMS Band and Select Choir providing music, and Principal Joe Gagnon at the podium, the ceremony proceeded.

Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle told the students, “Today is your day” and that they were now, officially, the Class of 2020.

AHS Valedictorian Samantha Moreau advised the young learners, “If you don’t love what you’re doing, change it.” She encouraged the students to challenge themselves through courses, sports and activities. “Make the most out of your high school experience.”

In addition to the student awards, School Resource Officer Brian Kennedy was recognized for his participation in all the grade 8 trips to Washington, DC. Retiring teacher James Collins also received accolades from the students, parents and staff.

Congratulations to all these students, and may your high school years be some of your best.

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