By John Anderson

The four days before the debut of the middle school musical are well known as tech week. This is the first time the actors are on the high school stage, the first time sets and props are in place, the first time some are wearing wireless microphones, and the first time they perform with blinding lights illuminating the stage. It is also the first time that the show is getting as close to perfection as is possible.

For a new observer, tech week seems like total chaos. Costumes are being finished on the side of the auditorium, dancers are rehearsing on the stage while the set construction crew works a few feet behind them, and the lighting team sees what works best for this production. For veteran director Karin Graves, things are falling into place, and each task completed is one more checkmark in the “done” column.

AMS teacher Bill Wright heads the set construction crew, and they have constant challenges. But, like Graves, they pull together to make the show look its best. Audiences will be impressed with all they see, and Peter Pan is destined to go down as another first class middle school musical.

There are a multitude of volunteers making Peter Pan soar, and there are still seats available for the 7:00PM performances this Friday and Saturday. They can be purchased at the door. Although the actors in today’s slide show lack costumes, they still seem authentic and sound great.

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