When AHS science teacher Erik Berg’s Physics class heard a classmate declare she did not know how to ride a bicycle, an idea was born.  Said Berg, “When the students heard that a classmate did not know how to ride a bike, they said ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to ride bikes to school one day?'”

According to Berg, that was a little over a week ago. “The students just ran with it” he said.

Students in his Environmental Science class set the plans in place. They decided that tomorrow, Friday May 13, would be the first ‘Ride a Bike to School Day’.  They made flyers and posted them around school. Some students began posting the event on Twitter and making in-school announcements. Another group is putting together a video that includes safety tips. Some students met with the AHS Administration and School Resource Officer Brian Kennedy to discuss safety and logistics.

Berg pointed out that the initiative is multi-faceted in that it promotes healthy activity as well as the environment, by reducing emissions from the cars students may normally drive.

“They are hoping to get 100 students to ride bikes to school tomorrow, and park them in the parking lot where student cars would normally go” said Berg.

If the event goes well, the plan is to encourage students to ride their bikes every Friday for the rest of the school year.