While this year’s Town Election has lacked the drama and competition seen in some past elections, there are still two important contested races.

In the Town Moderator race, Chester S. Stencel, Jr. is facing Raffi Vartabedian, and Auburn Mass Daily is endorsing Stencel based on experience.

Stencel has been attending town meetings for about 40 years, has served as Assistant Town Moderator and has led a town meeting in recent years.

Vartabedian was recently elected as a town meeting member and is a well-known and active citizen. We hope he remains in the forefront of Auburn’s organizations, including government.

In the selectman’s contest, Lionel Berthiaume, Tristan LaLiberte and Michael Robidoux are running.

Auburn Mass Daily is endorsing Berthiaume with experience being the major factor. He has been a school committee member, an Advisory Board member for Auburn Youth & Family Services, and an active member of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. Berthiaume is active in both the community where he lives and the community where he works, serving as a call firefighter in Paxton.

LaLiberte is certainly an ambitious and intelligent young man, but does not yet have the experience in town government. It would be terrific to see LaLiberte serve in a Board or Committee capacity, as he certainly has a lot to offer to his community. With additional local government experience, LaLiberte would likely be an excellent selectman. We hope he continues to show his local enthusiasm.

Robidoux declined an interview by two of Auburn’s leading news sources, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and Auburn Mass Daily. He also did not attend the recent Candidate Forum sponsored by the Auburn Democratic Town Committee. In addition, when he was an elected town meeting member, he did not come to 5 of his last 6 town meetings, according to records maintained at town hall.

The most important thing for Auburn residents is to get out and vote. Your support for a candidate is useless unless you turn in a ballot.