By John Anderson

The Town Clerk’s office was open until 5:00pm last night, the deadline to turn in nomination papers for elected positions including town meeting members. There are 24 town meeting members in each precinct, and eight 3-year positions are elected each year. Often, there are also unexpired terms to fill due to resignation or relocation.

Town meeting nominees for the May Town Election include: Precinct 1 – 7 out of 8 incumbents turned in papers; Precinct 2 – papers turned in for 6 of 8 positions, 5 are incumbents; Precinct 3 – 8 people running for 8 seats, 7 are incumbents, 1 running for an unexpired term; Precinct 4 – 7 incumbents are running for 8 seats, 2 citizens turned in papers for an unexpired seat; Precinct 5 – 8 incumbents running for 8 seats.

Town Clerk Deb Gremo said that write-in votes typically fill the remaining seats, and often 2 votes for the same person accomplish this.

Other town positions to be elected in May are:
Town Moderator (1 seat): Chester S. Stencel, Jr. and Raffi P. Vartabedian
School Committee (1 seat): Dorothy S. Kaufman
Selectman (1 seat): Lionel R. Berthiaume, Tristan J. LaLiberte, and
Michael A. Robidoux
So. Worc. County Regional Vocational School Committee: Jack Haroian
Library Trustees (2): Roberta M. Baker and Paula M. Melican

Auburn residents 18 years of age by Election Day, May 17, 2016, or older may register to vote in the Town Clerk’s office. A resident may register to vote by mail, but the mail-in form must be postmarked on or before April 27, 2016 for the voter to be eligible to vote at the annual town election.

Wednesday, April 27th, is the last day to register, and the Town Clerk’s office will be open from 8:00am until 8:00pm to facilitate registration.