By John Anderson

This week’s basketball contests with Northbridge began on Monday evening when the JV players came onto the home court. That game was tight all the way and the Rockets led at the half, 15-12. In the end, Auburn had a narrow, 31-27, victory.

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In the varsity match, Auburn got into foul trouble in first half. The first quarter ended in a 7-7 tie with the Rockets up 5 fouls to 3. As the home team settled in, the offense took over and put Auburn up 21-12 at the half after sisters Shannon and Kileigh Hynes each dropped a 3.

Northbridge had foul issues in the second half, and it cost them at the line where Auburn scored 6 points. With the home team up 39-20 after the third, the starters got a bit more of a break, and the Rams attempted a comeback as Ashley Senosk dropped three 3-pointers. In all, Northbridge had their best quarter with 12 points, but their aggressive play also put Auburn in the bonus.

Auburn was victorious at 43-32 with a foul record of 5 to the Ram’s 10, and much was due to senior Emily Sarkisian who had 17 points. She had 8 points in the third quarter and 3 in the fourth.

The rest of the Rockets’ scores were the typical balanced success. Shannon Hynes had 7 points, Hannah Harris had 6, and Colleen Cutting had 5. Also scoring were Liz Anusauskas with 4, Kileigh Hynes with 3, and Jess Clifford with 1.

On Tuesday, the boys beat Northbridge, 49-47, and senior Nate Ramos scored 21 points.

The girls will be away at David Prouty tonight, and the boys will be home on Friday to also face the Panthers.