By John Anderson

When the freshman squad hit the basketball court at Auburn High on Wednesday afternoon, it was a new year and, of course, a totally different team. That’s just what happens every year.

Although their opening game was a 50-35 loss to Bartlett, there is promise for the Rockets. Success will come with a combination of practice and experience, and the biggest factor will be playing together. Players came out in two different uniforms. Some were dressed as freshmen while others wore the junior varsity attire.

This needs to be a freshman team with a single identity. Even from an offensive strategy, why let your opponent know who made the JV cut and who didn’t? When playing a tough defensive team like the Indians, a neutral identity will not hurt.

For the first game, Coach Cutler was not disappointed, but like any coach, he wants full team practices.

Nick Gonyea led the Rockets with 6 points during the opener.

Editors Note: Auburn Mass Daily will be trying a slightly new approach to sports coverage this winter. We will try to cover games like this along with junior varsity and middle school games. Varsity teams will still get good coverage, but not all the time. After all, every team and its players are important.

Covering freshman and junior varsity games is typically unheard of with newspapers, but we’re not your typical newspaper. We’re “All Things Auburn.”


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