By John Anderson

On Sunday, the Town of Auburn Animal Control Office hosted an open house at their Millbury St. facility. The Kathleen Sabina Animal Compound was recently freshened up by the DPW’s facilities team, and Animal Control Officer Aimee Contois wanted the public to have a look.

The compound is named after retired Animal Control Officer Kathleen Sabina who served the town for 34 years. In the 1970’s, a criterion for holding this position was having enough trees in your backyard to tie up the stray dogs. Sabina didn’t like this idea, and the town responded by building a dog kennel off the Highway Department building on Millbury St.

Prior to her retirement in 2010, Sabina raised funds to expand the facility so small animals like cats, rabbits and guinea pigs could also be housed safely. On Sunday, two cats and three dogs called the compound home on a temporary basis.

Ms. Sabina was very impressed with the improvements she observed during the open house, as were the many guests, some of who brought their dogs that were adopted from the compound.

This being a seasonal time, Mr. and Mrs. Claus were on hand along with an elf to be photographed with guests and their pets. Wonderful baked goods were also available along with coffee and tea, and several informational displays were set up.

Darlene Coyle, Director of Development & Inspectional Services, talked highly of the improvements and the work of Ms. Contois. Things have certainly changed for the better over the last 40 years, especially for the four-legged animals who end up at the Kathleen Sabina Animal Compound.