searsA small electrical fire has forced Sears at the Auburn Mall to close until further notice. Auburn Mass Daily received a return call at about 11am assuring us that the store had reopened and was business as usual.  In the meantime, a number of readers reported that the store is, in fact, still closed with handwritten notes on the doors.  A person answering the phone in the main mall office said she could not comment on the store’s status, or the fire within their mall.

According to the Auburn Fire Rescue Department, a call came in around midnight for an electrical fire. When the first firefighters arrived, they found a small fire in a main electrical panel in one of the Sears storage areas.

Sears had been experiencing some electrical issues, according to AFRD.  NationalGrid had been at Sears working to diagnose the problems prior to the fire breaking out. Once power was shut off to the store, AFRD quickly extinguished the fire, and damage was minimal.