By John Anderson

The annual Pumpkin Patch fundraiser is underway at the First Congregational Church on Central St. Volunteers offloaded 2,438 large pumpkins on Saturday morning along with boxes of smaller pumpkins and gourds. There were also sugar pumpkins which are used for cooking, and the combined total weight was 46,000 pounds. The semi must have worked hard on the uphills from Farmington, New Mexico to Auburn, Massachusetts.

This project is possible because of Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers in Greensboro, North Carolina which has been facilitating no-risk fundraisers for churches and other non-profits for over 30 years. They have leased land since 1989 on the Navajo Reservation in Farmington where they pay for all associated costs of growing over 5.5 million pumpkins on 1200 acres. They also pay the trucking costs to ship the pumpkins to their 1300 partners in 48 states.

The raw drizzle on Saturday morning kept some volunteers away, but those in attendance stepped up to get the job done. The trailer was moved twice to position it nearer the pallets which protect the orange treasures from the ground. The original pallets, by the way, were actually stolen from the church property before the sale, but replacements were secured. A person must be very desperate to steal from a church, but he is likely forgiven by the good Christians at First Congregational.

The Pumpkin Patch is open daily from 10:00am till dusk, 11:00am to dusk on Sundays, until Halloween. Afterhours, sales are on the honor system and instructions are under the tent on the site. Enjoy a few images from Saturday.

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