Last Thursday, 205 grade 8 students graduated from Auburn Middle School, and this is the final class to leave the Swanson Rd. facility as the new middle school is nearly complete. According to Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle, about 30 students will either attend Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School or another high school.

Even with that, the Class of 2019 will be around 175 and significantly larger than the 157 graduates from the Class of 2015 at Auburn High School. Additional school choice seats will bring a few more as well.

Student Council President Emma Gervais hosted the event and introduced the speakers. After Principal Joseph Gagnon welcomed the guests, Madison Poshkus led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Courtney Prescott read an excerpt from Mr. Brown’s Book of Precepts followed by AMS Band and Select Choir preforming the National Anthem. Dr. Maryellen Brunelle gave the Superintendent’s Address and AHS Valedictorian Emily Fokas was the Keynote Speaker.

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During the Select Choir’s performance of “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” Principal Gagnon and Vice-Principal Matthew Carlson were escorted off the stage to dance with some students, a well received moment. The AMS band then played “Prelude to a Festival” and did an admirable job considering they lacked their most senior members.

The selected recipients of the ARC Essay Awards, Olivia Curnen and Sheeza Chaudry, read their meaningful essays to the audience, and the event was capped off with a photo montage assembled by Sherri Watson.

Congratulations to all and savor your high school experiences. Lists of the graduates and award winners follow.

Auburn Middle School Class of 2015

Afuakonadu Agyeman

Kofibretu Agyeman

Allison Anusauskas *

Samantha Arias

Matteo Armendo

Benjamin Baer *

Tyler Baldino

Nicholas Bartoli *

Michael Bean *

Jacob Benoit

Gianna Bernier *

Jacob Bibeau

Nicholas Billings *

Nicholas Bisceglia *

Dana Bishop

Ryan Black

Leo Boisvert *

Derek Brigham

Shea Brown

Devon Bruyere

Naomi Bylund *

Makayla Camp

Dylan Carbonneau

Conor Carlson

Cameron Carpenter *

Alec Casasanta

Rebecca Chamberland

Hannah Chapdelaine

Sheeza Chaudry

Kayli Christie

Kylee Christie

Samantha Collins

Alyssa Connors

Bryce Conroy-LaBoeuf

Meaghan Contois *

Joseph Conway

Brendan Coomey

Deven Crews

Sarah Cronin *

Haley Croteau *

Olivia Curnen **

Jack Cutia **

Molly Cutting **

Damian Daniels *

Collyn Daoust

Thomas Day

Michael DelloStritto

Sarah DeSimone *

Emily Desrosiers

Alexi Diguette

Nicholas DiLeo *

Jasmine Do *

Sydney Doran

Autumn Dube

Sean DuHamel

Lauren Duquette

Joseph Durocher **

Sierra Duval

Samuel Elwell

Maxwell Engel **

Cody Evans

Mason Faraday

Gabriel Fernandez

Kristos Fotos

John Froio *

Alexis Fullen

Marissa Gallant *

Cameron Ganong **

Ryan Garabedian *

Lindsay Gauthier

Dawson Gemme *

Emma Gervais *

Bradley Gilchrest

Virginia Godin

Lillian Goodness *

James Grady *

Margaret Grady **

Gianna Grici *

Olivia Hamel *

Tylor Hannoush

Ashley Hayes *

Ryan Henderson *

Jason Henry *

Lauryn Hines *

Meghan Hines *

Kaitlynn Hopper

Hanna Houston

Douglas Hutchins

Hoang Huynh

Tiffany Huynh *

Kaycee Ikonya *

Shea Jarvis *

Mark John *

Emma Johnson *

Kaitlyn Johnson *

Zachary Johnson *

Madison Kapulka *

Ethan Keeler

Alexi Kennedy

Evan Kokocinski

Eric Kot

Lucas Kusy **

Nikoletta Kyriazis *

Riley LaChance

Jack Laperle *

Marcus LaPointe *

Jillian Lavallee

Tyler Lavallee *

Zachary Lazerick *

Charlie Le **

Jennifer LeBlanc *

Ryan Lempicki

Tyler LeNguyen *

Cori Leonard *

Grace Levansavich **

Daniel Lindblom

Giovanni Longo **

Molly Lovely *

Danielle Lubin

Rachel Lubin *

Karissa Lugo *

Ethan Ly *

Caleb Mackin **

Kaitlyn MacPherson

Lukas Mara

Christopher Martin *

Benjamin Masiello *

Alexandra Masterson *

Domenic Mattress

Sophia Mazzone *

Alexander McBarron

Cassidy McDonald *

Patrick McGough

Alexis McGrail *

Cameron McGrath

Lilly McLaughlin *

Alejandro Medina *

Eric Merriam

Olivia Mikkila *

Colin Millette *

Daniel Mojica

Josiah Montezuma

Donald Moylan

Victoria Murphy *

Tyler Nguyen

Breanna O’Neill *

Isabelle O’Toole *

Corrine Oliver **

Raven Owens

Joseph Paine **

Eliana Palumbo **

Kayleigh Pardee

Alec Parish

Parth Patel **

Vishvesh Patel *

Samantha Perry *

Gianna Petraitis

Katrina Polinski

Madison Poshkus *

Tyler Pratt *

Courtney Prescott **

Cydney Randall *

John Rannikko

Kyle Rano

Adrian Roberts

Michael Robichaud *

Nicole Rocheford

Ricardo Rodrigues

Gizelle Rodriguez *

Jayden Rodriguez

Manuel Rosario

Semran Sahota *

Shannon Sampson **

Jared Sargent **

Alyssa Sarkisian *

Emily Saucier *

Alexander Scales *

Joseph Scanlon *

Brannon Smith

Matthew Smith

Sebastian Smreczak **

Paige Souda *

Devin Sousa

Haley Spafford *

Morgan St. Jean

Liam Stelmach

Simon Stevens

Austin Stewart

Maxwell Strong *

Anne Sullivan

Jackson Sypek **

Dayna Tang *

Dylan Tang *

Timothy Tran

Zachary Turcotte

Lily Tuthill *

Jason Tweneboah **

Emily Wambach *

MaKenzie Ward *

Beylie West

Kylie Wheeler

Evan White

Neil Wykes *

Gabriela Wyspianski **

Eva Zink *


Faculty Citizenship Awards

Michael Bean

Emma Gervais

Shea Brown

Olivia Curnen

Kaitlyn Johnson

Madison Poshkus

Tyler Pratt

Alexis McGrail

Lilly McLaughlin

Benjamin Baer


Don Thunberg Awards

Meghan Hines

Tyler Pratt


Michael Houle Award

Caleb Mackin

Benjamin Masiello


ARC Essay Recitations & Awards

Olivia Curnen

Sheeza Chaudry


Academic Excellence Awards

English Language Arts

Shea Brown

Tiffany Huynh



Jackson Sypek

Giovanni Longo



Jackson Sypek

Nicholas Bisceglia


Social Studies

Ryan Garabedian

Alexander Scales


Unified Arts                                            

Jack Laperle

Margaret Grady


S.O.A.R. Award

Ryan Henderson

Victoria Murphy


Perfect Attendance Grade 8

Afuakonadu Agyeman

Kofibretu Agyeman

Tyler Baldino

Nicholas Bisceglia

Tylor Hannoush

Jack Laperle

Grace Levansavich

Christopher Martin

Vishvesh Patel