By John Anderson

During the lunch periods on March 18th, students at Auburn Middle School ate a quick meal and then travelled the halls to learn about some historical figures. Along the way, they encountered notable people like Amelia Earhart, Theodore Roosevelt and Joan of Arc while Elvis Presley (aka Assistant Principal Matt Carlson) oversaw the cafeteria. Throughout the educational wing, many faculty members donned historic attire and role-played for about an hour and a half.

While this was a fun walking tour of history, students had to identify as many of the characters as they could. They watched short videos in classrooms, viewed their masquerading teachers and asked questions to figure out the players while taking notes on their iPads and even doing internet searches on their phones.

Along with the middle school students, guests from the Life Care Center in Auburn were escorted through the halls to experience some of this excitement, and some were probably alive when some of the characters being depicted were not just memories.

This session was the perfect blend of face-to-face learning experiences and technology. Furthermore, it was another excellent example of the fine work being done at the Auburn Middle School.

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