On September 13th, 30 area residents participated in an 8-hour Basic Firearms Safety Class sponsored by State Senator Michael Moore. Additional sponsors were the Auburn Sportsman’s Club, Kahr Arms, Smith & Wesson, and the Gun Owners’ Action League of Massachusetts. After completing the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course and a lecture on Gun Law in Massachusetts, the students enjoyed a lunch presented by Senator Moore and his staff.



Photograph courtesy of Gary Pray of the Auburn Sportsman’s Club.


After lunch, the students spent an hour in each of three shooting stations, Trap, Pistol, and Rifle. This was a great learning opportunity to learn about safe handling and storage of firearms as well as how to use them properly in the field. Participants earned a certificate that allows them to apply for a License to Carry from their local police department.

Senator Michael Moore is probably best known for his current elected position, but he is also a former employee of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Police. He understands firearms and desires others to do the same. The course was free of cost.

The group photograph is courtesy of Gary Pray of the Auburn Sportsman’s Club.