Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 10:15am

—RSVP 508-832-7799 if you plan to attend.

Last year, over 350 emergency calls in Auburn were related to falls. Join us for a fun way to learn about triggers for falls and what we can do to prevent them. Our hosts from Care Solutions, Inc. will lead us through Bingo cards with tips about preventing falls. We’ll all learn as we play. Even the Bingo prizes are fall prevention items and may include: night lights, flashlights, water bottles or non-skid socks. Your reservation will ensure that we have enough supplies.


Wednesday, Feb.12  10am-1pm

RSVP 508-832-7799 for appointment.

For seniors-No charge.  Hearing Screenings, ears examined for wax occlusion, cleanings and checks of hearing instruments for those who already use them. There is no charge but reservations are required.  Todd B. Sauter, M.A., F-AAA is an Audiologist at Audiology Associates of Worcester.

Valentine Day Luncheon
Friday, Feb. 14 at noon

Sponsored by the Elder Services of Worcester Area, Inc.  Menu includes Roast Beef Au Jus, Sour Cream & Chives Potatoes, Honey Glazed Carrots and Cheesecake. Call Patty at 508-832-7799 at least two days in advance for your luncheon reservations.  Your $2.50 donation per meal helps keep the program running.


Friday, Feb. 14

—No cost but Reservations Required. Call 508-832-7799 to reserve your seat.

Dance Lesson at 12:45pm. Listening to Oldies Music and Dancing: 1:00 – 2:00pm with Joey the DJ

Poodle skirts and leather jackets welcome but not mandatory! Use your imagination. Start off with a little dance instruction refresher. Then enjoy one hour of dancing and listening to Joey the DJ whirling discs of 50’s and 60’s music.  Don’t want to dance?  You’ll have a great time listening to the music and watching the dancers swing  around the Dining Room!



Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 10:15am

Vital Health Information for Emergency Responders.  —RSVP 508-832-7799 if you plan to attend.

Imagine your day going along as usual and then the unthinkable happens? You or your loved one gets sick!  Paramedics arrive to help and ask you or your family for a list of medications and no one knows which ones you take! That is the very reason the File of Life program was started.

On Wednesday, February 19, members of the Auburn Fire Department will explain what you need to know in the event of an emergency medical issue in your home. You will be given a File of Life packet to take home in the event of an emergency. If you bring your emergency contact information we can also update it at the Senior Center.


Intro to Family History & Genealogy
Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 10:30am

No Charge – But —Reservations are required. Call 508-832-7799.

Are you curious about your ancestors?  Have you ever thought about capturing your family history while older relatives are still around to tell the story?  Genealogy is a way to find out the answers to these and other questions.  Join Craig Siulinski as he takes you on a journey that tells how he used genealogy to shape and preserve his family’s legacy.